Our Location

Do you have suppliers on CS2? How would you like the ability to have them ship directly to us? We can inspect & certify every shipment that your suppliers ship to your facility.

We are now able to provide our customers with off-site inspection, rework and repacking. Our 15,400 square foot building and our 16,000 square foot building have multiple dock doors to handle simultaneous deliveries and shipments.

We will still provide our great on-site service for your convenience while being able to offer you the option of getting that suspect material off your production floor.

Please give us a call and allow us to quote your off-site needs.

Superior Quality Warehouse East Facility
6690 Pine Ridge Court, Jenison, MI 49428

Superior Quality Warehouse West Facility
2081 Pine Ridge Drive, Jenison, MI 49428

"I’ve worked with Kelly for many years, and he is very professional. He is detail oriented and sets high expectations for his staff. He understands what needs to be accomplished ensures that the jobs are done to my expectations and on time, many times, jumping through hoops to meet our schedules."

Supplier Quality Engineer